Sherra is an absolutely GREAT resource for organizers of all levels. My business has progressed steadily because I have sought out and used her expertise. Glean all you can from Big Picture Coaching and what Sherra has to offer you if you want to get on the road to success as a photo organizer. –Marianne, MI

Sherra with Big Picture Coaching was instrumental in setting up my photo organizing business, which is part of a new industry altogether. Between her business experience, technological know-how and great listening skills, she shortened the learning curve for me and saved me time and money. Not to mention she alleviated a lot of stress and gave me the confidence to take the “dive.” She came at the right time and I am very thankful for all her help! –Sylvia, FL

I, too, have worked with Sherra Humphreys. She is WONDERFUL! And I’ve worked with coaches before in another business. Most business coaches aren’t going to really understand our particular business. Sherra is the PERFECT person for us because she knows our industry inside and out! She gave me so much confidence, and good advice on PRICING, which is the burning question most of us have starting out. –Gail, PA

So grateful to Sherra Humphreys for the coaching earlier in the year I did with her. Really took my business to a new level and I’m excited for my future. She is what many of us need since we are sole business owners. Her knowledge and expertise helped me grow so much. Thank you Sherra! –Kristen, FL

Sherra offers practical, meaningful advice that you can use and apply to your business the minute you get home. Rather than overwhelm she breaks down the info and hits what is most valuable for you to tackle first.

In most training, most speakers give way too much information and you walk out with your head spinning. Sherra understands to keep it simple and work up from there. Now I always remember to tackle my goals in threes which makes it doable. She has a unique ability to combine humor/pertinent info in her training sessions. This is a rare gift. She uses her real life experiences and intertwines them through her speech which makes her so relatable.

I do not often have the courage to walk up to a speaker afterwards; Sherra was the exception. I have listened to countless speakers in my 20+ years as a classroom teacher and consultant and Sherra is one of the very best. –Karen, OR

Sherra is the funniest woman I know. Not only is her training the most entertaining presentation you will attend, but it is the most honest look at life and business you will hear for years to come. Her training is the very best at sending you home, not only entertained, but honestly feeling like you have a plan to go home and put to use. She delivers a 1-2-3 step plan that you can customize specifically to fit the needs in your life/business.
–Lori, MN