Affiliate Link Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use affiliate links. For this example I’m using as the affiliate program manager and Panstoria as the merchant.

After you go through the process which is usually an online application for a specific merchant, you wait for approval which should arrive via email. Once you have received your approval, you can log in to the affiliate program management website.

I’m a visual learner so I thought some screen shots with notes would be helpful for people who are new to affiliate marketing.

In this example, after logging into you will see this menu bar. Rollover the “Links” menu and select “Get a link/banner”

1 affiliate login link menu

Your next step is to get the affiliate links you need. You can search for the merchant as shown below or simply scroll down and the list of affiliates you have been approved for is below.

2 affiliate link merchant search

Text Links

Next, you will see menu tabs for the different types of links you can use for this merchant.

3 affiliate text link

You will need text links if you are planning to promote the merchant and their products through email.

Two special notes:
1. If you are an Appo member and have a web page at but do not have your own website or blog, you will want to use the “shortest” text link HTML code in the 2nd box. You can use this HTML code and include it on your Appo web page once you have your page set up. Suggested placement of where to paste your text hyperlink is somewhere in the body of your “bio” section. You decide on the wording for what text you use that will be your actual hyperlink. ***EDIT: See bottom 2 screenshots for APPO member page help***
2. Panstoria does allow you to buy a copy of their software through your own affiliate link which is another good reason to email the link to yourself.* Test the process and then log back into ShareASale to see that your link works.

4 affiliate text link

The most important thing to remember when you copy and paste any HTML code is to be sure to get all the code containing words, letters and symbols. Do not add any extra spaces or characters or your code will not work.

Clickable text hyperlink

This HTML code is what you need to copy and paste into your email signature, the body of an email or your website if you want to display a clickable text link on your pages or blog posts.

affiliate text link hyperlink

Banner Ad Links

If you have a website you will need banner links so that you can display a banner “ad” on pages, blog posts or a sidebar. There are usually a wide variety of sizes of banner ad images to choose from.

5 affiliate link banners

In this case, Panstoria has 28 banner ads so you can scroll through and pick a size and message that aligns with your website.

6 affiliate html link text

Hope this helps you get started using affiliate links for merchants and products you love. It’s an easy way to promote things and earn a small commission without having to stock inventory.

I’m here to help photo organizers with their business so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question or would like to schedule a free, no pressure 30 minute phone consultation.

Oh, and one more thing…don’t forget you must disclose that you are an affiliate whenever you share an affiliate link. If you want to read more about affiliate disclosures visit my FAQ page.

Example below:

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for ShareASale and Panstoria and will receive a small affiliate commission if you use my links in this tutorial. Links below:

*Not all affiliates allow you to use your own affiliate link so educate yourself to the terms of use for each affiliate relationship you have.

Additional Screenshots for APPO member page Instructions

Appo member affiliate link 1

Appo member affiliate link 2