Canvas Creek: Pairing Art and Team Building

Karen Grosz is founder and owner of Canvas Creek Team Building. I’ve known Karen for a long time. She has all the qualities that make a talented business woman. She is incredibly smart, tenacious and not afraid to take risks. She has the ability to dream up a concept and then make it a reality.

The result of all these wonderful talents combined is Canvas Creek, a growing business that serves both families and organizations. You are going to love her story!

Tell us about your business and the services you offer.

Canvas Creek Team Building is a company with two main offerings, team building and coaching certification. The team building events are tailored to the needs of the business, the coaching certification allows business and life coaches to add Canvas Creek to their list of offerings.

How did you come up with the idea?

Canvas Creek is the intersection of my business coaching experience and a collaboration with my daughter on a contemporary ceramic studio. While starting a new coaching company I wondered what would happen if we paired art with team building. We tested the concept and were blown away with the results. In the ceramic studio I’d watched people go from fearful to proud of their creations. That’s exactly what happens with a team. But a team also experiences a profound reaction which bonds them together.

I also like to say I jumped and the universe caught me.

What do you like best about being a small business owner?

Knowing something I created has such a profound impact on people. I also like being my absolute own person. I run my schedule, design my appearance, and give my time to the things that matter to me.  In the corporate world, these are choices made for you.

What are the frustrations?

That the day is only 26 hours long. What, it’s 24? That could be part of my problem.

Getting the word out is my big frustration. This is not the kind of business you put in a commercial. I just can’t seem to get the point across that we travel- that Canvas Creek helps businesses everywhere, not just here. We’ve traveled some, but not nearly enough.

How do you see your business making a difference in people’s lives?

I have a list of quotes that make me proud. One seven year old said to her parents “I think when we are yelling and screaming at each other we should look at our painting and remember we can be quiet and we love each other.”

A business owner credits the three hours they spent at Canvas Creek as the kickoff of explosive business productivity.

Canvas Creek helps people to be more creative, but also kinder to each other. The insights in working together are amazing and empowering. We have many clients who return time after time because they like the burst of energy this experience gives them.

What advice do you have for others who have a great idea and dream of turning it into a successful business?

Join your Chamber of Commerce. The networking will help take your dream from infancy to success very quickly.

You cannot network enough when you start something new.

I cannot tell you how scary and how satisfying it is to just jump in and swim with your idea- you have to experience if for yourself…and network.

Did I mention network? There are people out there who can and will help you, who need what you offer. Go find them.

About Laura Harbolt

Laura's passion is helping women succeed in small business. With years of sales and teaching experience she will help you create a meaningful business so you can make money and make a difference.


  1. Love this idea! Also love the quote. “I jumped and the universe caught me”. So inspiring. Thanks Karen and Big Picture Coaching for sharing this!


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