The Lonely Entrepreneur

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Recently, our friend Susan shared this phrase with us. We know firsthand how it can feel to be working all alone.

It can be lonely.

The internet has opened up a whole new world of choices about how and where we work. Working from home has its benefits. As does the ability to log on to a computer, iPad or cell phone and send a few emails, pay bills and do a host of other things while you are anywhere with WiFi.

Does all of this instant access make us more productive?

I would argue that it can get in the way of being productive.

More importantly, it can get in the way of being successful.

We can all claim adult ADD. (And some of us really do have it.) I just know that all the internet conveniences often get in the way of focusing on the most important aspects of building a business.

I have talked to countless business owners who get stuck and feel isolated when they work from home.

It’s lonely.

I’m not discounting that real relationships can be forged online. But we are deluged with our online connections. Social media and “talking” to our online friends and business colleagues means the convenience of an instant answer, help for a specific problem or someone to vent to when we get frustrated.

Pinterest gives you great visuals. Facebook gives you connection. Twitter gives you bite-sized communication. And after you spend a day on these time-sucking, fabulous sites you are on information overload and forgot to work on getting a new client or two or three and it’s dinner time and you don’t know what you’re making…so you go back to the computer to “quickly” search for a new recipe.

And you go to bed at night realizing that you didn’t actually talk to one human client. Or even a potential client.

Live, Real Time Start-up Sessions

There is nothing that will ever replace real, live human connection. This is why our Start-up Sessions are designed to be interactive small groups with accountability and networking that will take you and your business to the next level.

It’s a small investment in yourself and your business. It’s that little push you need to really take control of your business strategy and work closely with a community of like-minded business owners.

We’re starting with a focus on the emerging service business of photo organizers. It’s a natural fit since we’ve done it ourselves. But if photo organizing is not “your thing”, stay with us because our tips are appropriate for all small business owners. Only the details will change.

Tiny Sidenote: There is still time to register for our preview training call we’re offering tomorrow, June 28 at 1:00 pm eastern.

Our commitment is to help anyone in small business with concrete information and specific tools that work.

We’re here to help you sift through the noise of the internet, make being an entrepreneur a little less lonely and share relevant information on the blog and in our Start-up Sessions.

Here are 3 great links to help you today:

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What are your top three things you need right now in your business?
Don’t be shy, leave a comment.
We want to close the gap on being lonely.
We’re listening.


About Sherra Humphreys

Sherra's comprehensive background in business coaching, training and website design means you get real life business experience. Helping women succeed in small business is what she's passionate about.


  1. I think the personal human touch piece is huge. While the question asks “What do you need most in your business?”, the post set the stage for an integral missing element…human touch; which can also be viewed as interaction. It’s vital to well-being and a soul that is nourished.
    Affirmation that this is all a journey, many parts are unknown, and that it’s okay to find your way at your own pace is also quite helpful. Lastly, clarity, I have found comes from the two things I’ve stated here. You are correct. The actual human piece will never be replaced.

  2. Well said and so true. It can be lonely. I get the double wammy of living a bit in the sticks so there isn’t even a convenient Starbucks to go to for some human interaction.
    So I don’t go crazy ( remember Jack Nicholson in the shining) I make a point to get out and about and work at home but not at home if you get my drift. Also working on getting a local business group together of home based women for networking etc. Sorry I will miss your call tomorrow. Will it be recorded. Loving your new site.

    • So smart, Jenn! I love that you have figured out how to make “working at home” work. I also love that you have founded a women’s networking group — how lucky are your colleagues!
      No recording, but stay tuned for more training and virtual networking to come…

  3. The minute I saw the photo I thought of Susan. When I saw your comment “our friend Susan” I thought it must be “our” Susan. Sure enough, it is! Must say, it’s such fun seeing our friends branching out and sharing with so many, Alas, i still miss seeing you all up close & personal at CM events.

  4. Hello, everyone and thanks, Nancy … and Jenn, yes, we all applaud your networking effort. Author Barbara Sher says, “Isolation kills dreams.” Let’s all keep the on-line water coolers going -FB group pages, blogs, fan pages and other gathering places so our dreams stay alive and well. Love this gathering place Sherra and Laura, congratulations!
    Susan I-P