Photo Organizer Interview [Podcast]

Update 9/19/17

Join us at our new photo organizing podcast
Photos with Sherita!

BPC-podcast-art 600pxThis podcast is the first in a series of interviews featuring photo organizers. Every organizer has their own story and by listening to each other we will pick up tips on how we can improve our own businesses. Use this series as a learning tool – each interview will be packed with rich content that is proven effective for other photo organizers.

The fun part of listening to a podcast is that you don’t have to be tied down to your computer. You can download the audio file and load on your iPod/mp3 player. Here are a just a few ideas for listening while you are…

  • Walking the dog
  • Running errands in the car
  • Exercising

You can expect short information-packed podcasts that we’ll keep to 30 minutes or less because we know that we are all busy small business owners.

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Rita Norton headshot 473pxOur first interview is with Rita Norton, photographer and owner of Photovation. We talk about who her ideal client is, what services she sub-contracts out and how she uses her bundle of professional business forms with her clients.

Be sure to ask any questions in the comment section after you listen. Rita and I would both love to hear what you think!

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Sherra's comprehensive background in business coaching, training and website design means you get real life business experience. Helping women succeed in small business is what she's passionate about.


  1. I’m excited about this Podcast series. Good information. I do not like re-inventing the wheel…or the client form…so I love that Rita has shared her talent in the Professional Business Forms. Did I understand correctly, the client identifies them self as your VIP client based upon the service package they choose?

  2. Stacy,
    Yes, you are correct. I offer three packages, one being a VIP package. The VIP client commits up front to a specific number of hours (my minimum is 24). They get a lot of bonuses for this commitment that increases the overall value of the package. This client identifies themselves as a VIP, based on the time commitment necessary to organize their photo collections.

    • I had someone ask me via email if your VIP clients have to pay for 24 hours in full upfront or do you offer payment plans?

      • I collect 50% up front. From that point on I bill in 12 hour increments. I am at their homes 2x a week so we really have a close relationship formed by the end of the project. These clients are focused on preserving and building a legacy of stories for their families – it is a long term commitment that they embrace with open arms.


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