Staying Ahead of the Game

Kodak Brownie HawkeyeKodak’s employees were watching the market, collecting information, designing and discovering the technology of the future, but they couldn’t get the management and marketing arms of their company on the same page at the right time to leverage a place for themselves in the new and rapidly changing marketplace. Kenny Suleimanagich researched and wrote about the rise and fall of a photo giant, Kodak. The blame ultimately came down to “the disconnect between manager and engineer.”

So, how are you supposed to stay ahead of the game? If a company with the resources of Kodak can’t do it, how can you and your small business resources hope to navigate the waters of ever-changing technology?

A positive to being small is your ability to adapt and change. You don’t have a room of board members or managers to convince when you want to try a new technology or just keep up with the latest photo technology. But how do you keep informed without losing your day to the results of an online search?

3 Research Tips

  1. Make sure to use reputable online sources
  2. Ask other professionals in your network of industry experts
  3. Schedule a start AND stop time for research

As the old saying goes, “Leaders are readers” and reading and staying informed will help you to become a leader in the photo industry. But please, don’t get lost in trying to learn everything you can before you market yourself and your business. Become an expert skimmer!

3 Resources

Skim these information-rich sites and read a few articles that catch your eye or are about something you’d like to learn more about and perhaps even specialize in. You can subscribe via email. Or read through an RSS subscription using an app like Feedly or Bloglovin which will allow you to schedule a daily or weekly reading appointment with yourself. Clip or save the best of what you read to Evernote in a reference notebook that you can access on your computer, smartphone or tablet. (Look at all that technology you will be using!)

  1. Library of Congress – The Signal: Digital Preservation
  2. PMA Newsline – Daily Photo News
  3. Your Digital Life

Bonus tip: Cut your facebook reading time in half and use that “extra” time to read industry specific news.

Set a timer to stop reading and start your next task…

Maybe next on your list is this:
Develop a marketing strategy to get the right clients!

Psst…did you hear the internet is here to stay?

Love it or hate it, technology and the digital age is not going away. Are you embracing it and helping your customers wade through the endless choices they have with just one Google search? One of the best ways you can WOW your clients is to help them by narrowing down their choices based on your research.

What are you favorite technology tips you share with your clients and your colleagues?

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  1. I love Evernote! Having access to my ideas and plans regardless of which device I’m using is invaluable to me. Setting a timer…something I’m working on. 😉