Marketing Templates and Maggie

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Marketing Templates

Maggie is our new graphic designer who has designed 3 beautiful marketing template sets to help photo organizers get their business up and running in a quick, simple, and affordable way. The sets will give you instant branding for both your online presence and print materials.

Designed specifically for photo organizers and available for purchase right now. Woo hoo!

Here’s a quick overview of how you can use these templates…

  • Templates are .psd files that you can open and edit with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  • You should know Photoshop and be comfortable working with layers and clipping masks.
  • You can customize the set by changing colors and fonts.
  • You can print the marketing materials at a printer of your choice.
  • You can use your own photos or purchase stock photography
  • Generic photo organizer copy is included on rack card and post card.

If Photoshop isn’t your “thing”, you can pay to have your set customized with your business name and personal contact information as well as the colors of your choice.

Because we want to keep prices affordable for the start-up business owner, no other customization other than what is listed is available at this time.

Click here for all the details about the marketing template sets we currently offer.

More about Maggie

Maggie has been a graphic designer for over 14 years and is also a professional photographer. Since she is a small business owner herself and the mom of three, she “gets it”. She knows what it takes to run a business from home and her skill and expertise coupled with her passion to help women in business make this a great fit for Big Picture Coaching clients!

We really clicked from the start as she understood my vision to help women in small business and how we can offer additional services that help with all those decisions you have to make. We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to adding more design services in the near future.

We’re thinking you might like to purchase seasonal marketing postcards or some stock photography. We have a running list of future services already started but we really want to know what you want.

Let us know in the comments what are some of the things you wish you had but don’t want to have to figure out how to make yourself!

P.S. My two favorite forms are now available in the business forms shop! Watch the video tutorials for the forms which include the Individual Timeline Form and the Family Timeline Form. These interactive forms designed by Rita Norton of Photovation are AMAZING.

About Sherra Humphreys

Sherra's comprehensive background in business coaching, training and website design means you get real life business experience. Helping women succeed in small business is what she's passionate about.