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No matter what industry you are in, reading relevant articles for business tips, product recommendations and a little inspiration is a great way to stay connected.

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We were reminded of the importance of networking in our small business owner interview yesterday with Karen Grosz of Canvas Creek Team Building. Here’s more on that topic:

7 Networking Tips for Women Owners ~ you might know them all but it never hurts to review.

Pricing and offering discounts is a hot topic for small business owners. We love this photographer’s spin on discounting:

Do you offer discounts? ~ a great article for any service business

Garr Reynolds and Ken Burns are both amazing storytellers and presentation experts. These skills serve all small business owners well:

Ken Burns on the power of the story ~ a 5 minute video worth watching

Did you miss these three links from last month’s The Lonely Entrepreneur post?

They are definitely worth checking out if you didn’t already.

A Tip…
Dealing with Copycats – Don’t fear competition, embrace it and stand out!

A Tool…
When it’s okay to be Anti-Social

A Little Inspiration…
An Open Letter to Moms

Do you have a great article you’ve read? Some inspiration to share?
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  1. Great links! Would love a social media block for pc’s. Maybe it’s time for me to get a Mac? The learning curve and $ are stumbling blocks. Thanks for all the great info..love this site and the blog!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my article about moms, adult daughters, and the gift of decluttering. It’s one of my most-read posts ever. I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to share!

    • Jennifer–I was out of town when you commented so I almost missed it. We really loved your Open Letter to Moms post. Losing a parent is never easy and sifting through everything is a difficult task on your best day. Thanks for reminding us that we can make things a little easier if we ask our daughters (and sons) what they would like and then sort and make some giving away decisions now